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Alcohol: drinking–how much is too much? 


Arabidopsis: model organism in Biology 


Authoritarianism and corruption 


Autism: what is it linked to? 

Autoimmune diseases–prevention and control 


Bacteriophages: basic science and applications 


Brown adipose tissue/brown fat 


Caenorhabditis elegans: a model organism in Biology 


Cannabis: health benefits and risks 


Cell development and determination 


Change: Why do we fear it? 


Childhood obesity and parents’ influence 


Climate change and human behavior 


Climate change and human migration 


Corruption and power: the connection 


Crowds: behavior, social change, movement, collective action, social media, context, identity 


Diels-Alder reaction: a mainstay of organic chemistry 


Dust storms: agriculture and climate change 


Electric vehicles: benefits, technology, obstacles 


E-mail and work: enhancing productivity or source of stress? 


Extreme heat: impacts and consequences


Extreme weather and climate change: the connections and impacts 


Facebook and Instagram: effects on well-being and mental health 


Face masks/face shields: are they effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases? 


Facial recognition: technology and privacy 


False information: how and why does it spread online? 


Fear — impacts on decision-making and behavior 


Generalized Anxiety Disorder–a sign of the times? 


Gun ownership and violence 


Integrity and honesty: do they really matter? 


Kindness: the benefits 


Long COVID: what it is, impacts, and treatments 


Mental illness and gun violence: is there a real connection?


Mental models: misinformation and truth 


Microbiome/microbiota: influences on disease and behavior 


Microplastics: impacts on the environment and human health 


Nuclear power and climate change 


Offshore drilling: environmental effects 


Online extremism: the dangers and the psychology 


Opioids, addiction, and overdose 


Pandemics–history, control, and prevention 


Postmenopausal bone health and nutrition 



Racism, prejudice, and discrimination: the psychological origins 



Sea level rise and climate change 


Sleep: importance and impacts–physical and mental health 


Solar-powered water harvesting and purification 


Stress: the effects brought on by pandemic diseases 


Symmetry breaking and Biology 


Viruses: can they be beneficial? 


Water, drought, and climate change 


Water, drought, and the western United States 

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