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Starter bibliographies about science topics and connections that can impact your life. The bibliographies are updated annually.


Alcohol: drinking–how much is too much? (updated July 2021)

Arabidopsis: model organism in Biology (2020)

Authoritarianism and corruption (2020)

Autism: what is it linked to? (updated February 2021)

Autoimmune diseases–prevention and control (updated March 2021)

Aversions (coming soon)

Bacteriophages: basic science and applications (2020)

Brown adipose tissue/brown fat (2021)

Cannabis: health benefits and risks (September 2021)

Change: Why do we fear it? (November 2021)

Childhood obesity and parents’ influence (updated March 2021)

Climate change and human behavior (2020)

Climate change and human migration (2021)

Corruption and power: the connection (2020)

Crowds: behavior, social change, movement, collective action, social media, context, identity (updated February 2022)

Diels-Alder reaction: a mainstay of organic chemistry (2021)

Electric vehicles: benefits, technology, obstacles (2020)

E-mail and work: enhancing productivity or source of stress? (2021)

Escherichia coli (coming soon)

Extreme weather and climate change: the connections and impacts (updated April 2022)

Facebook and Instagram: effects on well-being and mental health (November 2021)

Face masks/face shields: are they effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases? (updated August 2020)

Facial recognition: technology and privacy (updated January 2022)

False information: how and why does it spread online? (updated November 2021)

Fear — impacts on decision-making and behavior (2020)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder–a sign of the times? (updated January 2021)

Gun ownership and violence (updated May 2022)

Integrity and honesty: do they really matter? (2020)

Kindness: the benefits (2020)

Long COVID: what it is, impacts, and treatments (December 2021)

Mental illness and gun violence: is there a real connection? (June 2022)

Microbiome/microbiota: influences on disease and behavior (updated April 2022)

Microplastics: impacts on the environment and human health (August 2021)

Nuclear power and climate change (updated 2020)

Offshore drilling: environmental effects (updated October 2021)

Online extremism: the dangers and the psychology (updated June 2021)

Opioids, addiction, and overdose (updated July 2021)

Pandemics–history, control, and prevention (2020)

Perceived enjoyment (coming soon)

Postmenopausal bone health and nutrition (updated June 2021)

Propaganda (April 2022)

Racism, prejudice, and discrimination: the psychological origins (updated March 2022)

Sea level rise and climate change (updated November 2021)

Sleep: importance and impacts–physical and mental health (updated July 2021)

Solar-powered water harvesting and purification (updated July 2021)

Stress: physiological and psychological (coming soon)

Stress: the effects brought on by pandemic diseases (2020)

Symmetry breaking and Biology (updated June 2021)

Viruses: can they be beneficial? (2021)

Water, drought, and climate change (updated June 2021)

Water, drought, and the western United States (2021)

Wind energy (coming soon)

Xenopus (coming soon)

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